“Billie & Dolly” Makes Susan Frances of HybridMagazine.com’s Top 10 Favorite Records of 2010

Susan Frances

1. Midas Fall – Eleven, Return And Revert Based in Edinburgh, this modern rock outfit has a strong prog rock flare with melodic rock shavings

2. Andrei Lanes Verity Based in New York City, Lanes welds ambient tones into cerebrally entrancing panoramas continually shifting shapes and velocity.

3. Shelly Bhushan Make Believe Based in New York City, Bhushan proves she is a versatile singer-songwriter able to adapt to any melodically toned music.

4. Claude Marc Bourget Musiques de Ballet Based in Montreal, Canada, Bourget takes classical piano to new peaks driven by

5. Animal Sound The Unknown Based in Arkansas, Animal Sound is the one-man band of singer-songwriter-guitarist Jonivan Jones who blends vestiges of country, folk, and psychedelic rock into meaningful melodies.

6. Robert Branch Courage To Be Based in Minneapolis, guitarist Robert Branch bares his chops on these tracks embracing jazz contoured by traits of rock and avant pop.

7. Jacqui SuttonBillie & Dolly Born in Orlando, singer-songwriter immerses herself into these standards which revamp fan favorites made popular by two classic artists, Holiday and Parton.

8. Lullwater Forest For The Trees Based in Georgia, punk rockers Lullwater create an exciting mixture of soaring guitar shreds and beefy tremors.

9. Daniel Lucca Pressing Forward Based in the Bay Area of California, piccolo bassist Daniel Lucca bridges smooth jazz rhythms with Latin accents and bucolic riffage.

10. The Forecast The Forecast Based in Peoria, the power rock quartet of The Forecast solidify their place as modern punk motivators.

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