Frontier Jazz | Red Poppy | March 11th

Hello Friends and Those Who Otherwise Put Up With My Music Musings!

You’ve heard at some point over the past month or so about the Frontier Jazz String Trio’s San Francisco debut at the Red Poppy Art House in the Mission. (The formation will be “Orchestra” minus the “orch”—so this will be stripped down to banjo/guitar, cello and bass). I have been working hard to expand our geographic reach and the Red Poppy has given us a wonderful opportunity.

The day is quickly upon us—March 11th, a week from this Friday. I would be grateful for your support, whether that be in the form of coming out to see us if you’re local, or barring that, if you guilt tell your Bay Area friends to come and check us out.

We have a nice event notice from the venue here:


And to convince friends, send them to my SoundCloud account to hear all of our recorded songs, including the original “Grass Dolls”, which we will debut at the concert.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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