Jacqui Sutton is Reviewed by Cashbox Magazine

Every once in a while, a star emerges that makes them hard to categorize. After hearing Jacqui Sutton’s “Billie & Dolly,” I’ll not only call her a soul singer, I’ll also call her one of the best. Blending the uniquely spectacular legends that are Billie Holiday and Dolly Parton, Sutton introduces to her longtime fans some of the songs that helped fuse her own brand of music. She handles both icons with poise and brilliance, and the results are possibly the best bet for holiday music I’ve heard yet. The album’s pinnacle is Sutton’s take on Holiday’s “God Bless The Child.” She shares her gifts with her audience while modernizing the musical gem. Rarely, if ever, will you hear a better cover song, regardless of genre. In the end, we all need to feel good sometimes. Great music can not only ease the mind, but help us all relax when we get a chance. Give the gift of “Billie & Dolly” to that special someone who can’t remember when they last kicked their boots off.

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