Midwest Record Entertainment’s Chris Spector Reviews Billie & Dolly

And now for something completely different. Sutton is a jazz vocalist that really likes to genre bend, comparing herself as a vocalist to what Bela Fleck does as an instrumentalist. While this might look like a tribute to Billie Holliday and Dolly Parton, there’s actually only two songs really identified with those two disparate vocalists and the rest are chestnuts that fall somewhere in the middle. Genre bending, with an ear toward Hot Club, Jethro Burns and Joe Venuti, this is cocktail music for the 21st Century where today’s kids finding themselves getting tired of being hipsters want some sophistication and don’t know how to get it or find it. Just when you think we don’t need another interpretation of “God Bless the Child”, Sutton kicks off this set with it and removes the tortured artist effect turning it into a roller coaster of a show stopper—and that’s how things get started. Sutton is an innovator and knows how to put her ear to good use. A sweet set that takes something familiar and makes it new and different without falling too far from the original tree. Check it out.

Volume 34/Number 8 November 8, 2010 MIDWEST RECORD 830 W. Route 22 #144 Lake Zurich, IL., 60047 CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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