Upcoming Gig at The Rothko Chapel in Houston, TX | July 20, 2017

Join us on the Plaza for a blend of jazz and bluegrass music from Jacqui Sutton | Jazzgrass Chic and the Frontier Jazz Orchestra, as they present songs from their first two albums, Billie & Dolly and Notes From the Frontier. Reviewer C. Michael Bailey sums up the group’s sound as, “where jazz meets the American frontier.” Lead vocalist and bandleader Jacqui Sutton will appear with the quartet version of the Frontier Jazz Orchestra, which includes Paul Chester (banjo/guitar), Anthony Sapp (bass), Henry Darragh (keyboard), and Ilya Janos (percussion).

Describing a performance, Jazz Times’ Christopher Loudon writes, “Widening her celebration of American musical spirit … Sutton opens with a ‘Summertime’ that serves as splendid introduction to the steel of her pipes and the majesty of a voice that marries the earthiness of Cassandra Wilson to the warmth of Dianne Reeves. Jazz, bluegrass and honkytonk slip and slide together in Sutton’s crafty blend of ‘Hummingbird’ and Dave Brubeck’s ‘Blue Rondo a la Turk,’ while ‘Nature Boy’ is reinvented as a fiery tango sung in Spanish and English.”

Suggested donation $10, to make a donation ahead of time click the following link: https://webapps.softrek.com/pm01prod/cwapp/donation/login.do?dsource=1803161815043045&appeal=OLSD

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