Zzaj Productions’ Review of “Billie & Dolly”

Jacqui Sutton – BILLIE & DOLLY: Jacqui’s vocals are among the best I’ve listened to (yet) in 2011. She opens the CD with a wonderfully laid- back rendition of “God Bless The Child“… “pleasant” is the keyword, to be sure. The banjo integrations on “Black Hole” will suck your ears right into the groovy vortex she creates with her vocals… recording is excellent quality through & through! You’ll definitely think you’re down in Cajun- town as you listen to the swamp groovin’ on “Those Memories of You“. There’s a heavy swing feel, & definite sweet jazz snatches competing for your aural attention, but it can’t be “classified” in any way shape or form. It’s for that reason (as well as some fantastic arrangements from Henry Darragh) that I give Jacqui’s debut CD my MOST HIGHLY

RECOMMENDED rating. “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.96, & when you add in the “FQ” (that’s “fun quotient), this one can’t be beat! Get more information at https://jacquisutton.com/

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